VPS Values Chat – Accountability with Andrea 01.02.2021


What does accountability mean to you? At VPS we believe that it’s not necessarily about holding others to account but being accountable ourselves.

It’s about keeping our word. We are responsible for creating safe, empowering, and curious spaces to allow people to stuff up, learn and grow, whilst being accountable to our team, participants, community and NDIS. Accountability is based on relational commitments and not so much about the tactical ones.

For example, tactical commitments are “I will help you get your washing done tomorrow” or “I will have that report to you by Wednesday”. Relational commitments are more along the lines of “I hear you and will support you”, a commitment to care and most importantly, a commitment to uphold our values! When you know what your personal values are and the values of an organisation, you will discover your people, crew, tribe and align yourself accordingly. That’s why VPS are so proud of its crew – we all share the same values and work towards exceeding them every day.

Accountability is not always about doing something, we feel it is more about the way we think. It’s how we think about people and what commitment we make to the people. We commit to inclusion, equality and support. We believe that it is up to us to set the standard, create the spaces and bring people together! 

What are your values?