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Our disability services are a combination of fee-for-service and government-funded and fall under the broad areas of:


The VPS team are ready to skill build with you!
We can help by:

Support Coordination and Connection

We can assist in co-ordinating your NDIS Plan through Support Coordination and Support Connection.


We have a team of dedicated support workers that are ready to assist you participating in your community through

Caring for Carers: How to
Improve your Wellbeing

10 useful tips, including supportive contacts, to get you the help you need

As a Carer, you play a critical role in providing daily care and support to people with disability, mental health issues, medical conditions, or those getting older. Often you willingly give the lion’s share of your time for your loved ones, but who cares for you? Who cares for the carers? Luckily we live in a country that recognizes your loving sacrifices, and there are many services and supports that you can turn to for help.

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