Throwback Thursday – Transition to Paperless 04.02.2021


Today, we have a look a February 2018. We were transitioning our operations to be cloud-based and more streamlined. Let’s take a look at some of the pros of moving towards a paperless system, as well as some of the challenges we faced and valuable lessons learned.

Our journey in embracing an Intranet, as well cloud based services started with finding the right operating system for our purposes. We narrowed to Google vs Microsoft. Both had their appeals and eventually we settled on Microsoft, as most people in our industry have had some exposure to the basic Microsoft Suite (i.e. Outlook, Word, Excel).

Some of the strategies we adopted to engage our staff in using the Intranet involved incentives for the most social staff member – the person who engages the most. We also made sure that all directions and important info were centralised on the intranet (in the Microsoft Universe, this is SharePoint). Down the road, we started weekly team updates on Microsoft Teams. This proved invaluable during the Co-Vid lockdowns as most of our staff were already quite comfortable in functioning in an online environment.

Our innovative responses to the Co-Vid pandemic and restrictions were the topic of an article by the National Disability Services.

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