Throwback Thursday … Aus Day 2020 with Avi 21.01.21



For today’s Throwback Thursday, we look back at the week leading to Australia Day in 2020. Fresh from the festive season, our team was back in full swing doing what they do best: supporting our participants, as well as each other, live a fulfilling life and be the best versions of ourselves. 


So, for that week in early 2020, our team consisted mainly of casual support staff, each working varying hours based on their personal situations and preferences. As the year progressed and we all came to grasp with the new reality of living in a CoVid world, we bid farewell to some valued team-members as well as welcomed new ones to the VPS family. Throughout the year that’s been, we witnessed the stoicism of our team, their passion, and dedication to the participants- a testament to the unique Australian spirit of getting on with it, getting the job done.  


It must be also noted what an incredibly humbling experience it was to see some staff with nursing backgrounds join the Victorian Government efforts to preserve our health system.  

For the week leading to this year’s Australia Day, we have over 60% of the team who have been with us for longer than 12 months. We could not be more grateful and proud of this. To our team, veterans, and newcomers: our heroes, Thank You! 

– Avi