Empowering Wednesdays with Ledion 20.01.21


The most valuable skills for future leaders in the healthcare sector


Recent research has revealed that Australians are likely to change 17 employers during five career types in their lifetime. How would this reflect in the health sector and what will be the most important skills of future leaders and managers? 


An article form the Foundation of Young Australians highlights three forces that will influence the future of work and consequently leadership:  


a.   Automation: smarter machines and technologically skilled workers 

b.   Globalisation: Global workforce and transferable skills 

c.   Collaboration: Ability to be collaborate and inform others 


This would reflect the need of future leaders in the healthcare sector to embed transferable skills in order to adapt to the changing trends. Future leaders will need to develop adaptability in addition to planning, caring interacting efficiently, collaborating and being technology minded.


The same will apply to healthcare workers and will result in creating a symbiosis environment where skills are complementary, transportable and more important will contribute in value creation.