The Key Factors That Contribute Towards A Successful Team – Ledion – 27.01.21


The key factors that contribute towards a successful team.

In the past, it was assumed that including the “right” team member in the team was the most important aspect in building successful teams, but recent research shows that how team members interact, structure their work and view their contribution are far more important than who is on the team. 


Let’s consider what are the main factors that make great teams: 

Open Communication: Team members express their opinions, share their views, take risks by feeling safe to do so.  

Purpose: Team members work toward a goal that is important for them individually. 


They Count On Each Other: Team members have a trust relationship between them and count on each other to do high quality work on time.


Clear Roles and Structure: Every team member has clear goals, expectations and execution plans. 


Ultimate Impact: Team members are conscious that their actions affect positively on the “world”. 


Team Bonding: Facing continuous challenges creates the sense of togetherness which aligns team members efforts and consequently efficiency. 

All these factors are considered universal and they would apply to most of the
successful teams in the healthcare sector, do you agree?