Techy Tuesdays with Gary 12.01.21


Good afternoon!

As this is the first Tech Tuesday, I thought I would introduce myself!

My Name is Gary, and I’m the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Coordinator here at VPS.

This means that I cover a lot of different things, but mostly concerned with keeping everyone safe and happy.

The topics that I’m going to cover every Tuesday include everything to do with Technology, Computers and software, along with some very important updates in the canine world from my assistant Caesar!

Today I’ll go through a few really quick tricks for Excel that you might not know about.

  1. Tired of dragging out the cell to be able to see all of the text?

Just double click on the Line between two columns and it will auto size to fit all the words in the current column!

If you want to fill some cells with the same information in a pattern, just highlight the pattern you want to repeat and drag from the bottom right corner!

That’s all from me today!

Let me know in the comments if there are any IT, Technology, or Caesar questions you would like answered!

– Gary