Tech Tuesdays with Gary 26.01.21


Happy Tech Tuesday everyone! 

Today we’re going to have a look at something that I hope a good portion of our followers love, Gaming! 

Specifically how the Xbox Adaptive controller allows for almost infinite controller adaptability to bring people of all ability levels into the fold.

The Xbox adaptive controller is unique because unlike standard standard controllers that have a specific layout that looks like this … 

The adaptive controller can make almost anything with a 3.5mm USB2.0 connector into a button or joystick to interact with games and can be fully customised to fit your needs or wants. 


Want to try to finish Dark Souls using only a Dance Dance Revolution mat or Donkey Kong Bongos? This controller let you do that! (I’ve seen someone do it, it’s truly amazing – Check it out her 

The rest of the channel is using various controllers in games they weren’t designed for so is also pretty interesting!

Every input can be customised, and the integration of other devices allowed for amazing accessibility options for those who face challenges using the standard controllers.  

I have an injury to my right thumb from a youthful carpentry accident in my 20’s (Always cut away from the body, but also make sure there isn’t a hand in that direction!) and find that extended game session make it quite sore, so this controller allows me to take all of the buttons on the right hand side of the control that would usually be manipulated by my thumb and allocate them to my Thrustmaster joystick, which doesn’t require my thumb to operate! 

Let me know in the comments what your ideal set up would be if you could use any combination of controls and why so I can check them out and see if we can come up with the ultimate controllers setup.