Tech Tuesday with Gary – 19.01.21


Happy Tech Tuesday! 


Today we are going to talk about what an accessibility option is, and then have a look at some of the accessibility settings for one of the most popular television streaming services, Netflix! 


Accessibility options are several features that are specifically designed to make it easier for someone with a disability to interact with something. For example, increasing the scaling on your phone/monitor to make things larger and easier to read, larger keys on your keyboard to make it easier to type, or voice control so you can do everything by just speaking. 


Netflix Accessibility Options

A couple of accessibility options that most people are familiar with are Subtitles and Closed Captions. 


Subtitles can make a viewing experience more enjoyable when it is difficult to hear the audio of a show, whether this is because you are in a loud environment or you facing other hearing challenges. 


Another form of Subtitles called “Closed Captions” or [CC] which also include descriptions of any audio to help convey all the important information which would otherwise be reliant on sound.   

So if you’re watching your favourite show and you see a city landscape, you can tell if it’s a heart stirring, dark, and ominous scene accompanied by a full orchestra, or you can chill out because some “Funky Mystery” is going down. 

I know I always get amped up whenever I hear the first few lines of the Video Game Halo’s Battle Music, so music is definitely an important part of any media experience!  

On the other side of the coin to Subtitles is Audio Descriptions.

Audio descriptions allow for people who might have trouble with vision to be able to “see” a show just like closed captions allow someone to “hear” visuals. They usually will include, as the name suggests, an audio description of the show to convey all the important information through sound and provide a complete or supplementary experience. These options are both available on titles in Netflix and are accessible through the button that looks like this:

Which leads to a menu that looks like this 

Which you can select the accessibility options that you desire.

Try them out and see how they can make shows for everyone a little more accessible!  


– Gary