Shanele’s thoughts on COVID-19


The VPS team are so very fortunate to have a team with an abundance of unique and interesting talents, interests and specialties. Shanele is one of our wonderful team members who has so kindly shared some of her thoughts surrounding the current COVID-19 Pandemic and how she continues to navigate her way through these unprecedented times as the beautiful individual and support worker that she is. Over to you Shanele!


In the light of the recent impacts the COVID-19 Virus has had on the entire world support workers have been put in the risky position of navigating how to be there for participants whilst adhering to the new rules of social distancing and staying at home unless it is essential.

Before COVID-19 erupted into our daily lives, the day of a support worker involved plenty of face-to-face interaction and community access. Myself and fellow support workers have worked tirelessly to provide amazing connections and routines for participants that we could have never thought possible.

Understandably some participants have chosen to socially isolate from the community which is currently the best way to stop the virus from spreading.

It is extremely sad that as support workers we are unable to work face to face with our participants to keep building their goals in the community.

I believe that support work is an essential service and during this time of being told to stay at home and isolate from people, we need to continue to support our participants even if that means looking at alternate ways of doing so.

So where does that leave us?

Providing participants have access to a smartphone, tablet or laptop, we don’t have to have face to face interactions. Video chats could be set up to be able to provide closeness and interaction without putting anyone at risk. For example, a support worker and participant could do a virtual cooking class or read a book to each other.

I feel if these measures were put in place it could give us the opportunity to continue to work with our participants that are in nursing homes and residential facilities that may be in complete lock down at the moment.

These measures may be the only way to stop our most vulnerable people being left behind in a world where the rules are changing by the hour.


Thank you Shanele for sharing. Stay tuned for more of our team thoughts shortly!