Liam and Jules at the footy


My best advice to anybody who has a child with a disability is to really find the tools for that person to thrive and find what their true passions are, because the rest will follow.” — Zach Anner 🙌

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At Victoria People Solutions, we believe that EVERY SINGLE PERSON has HUGE POTENTIAL value to add to this world, no matter where they are from or what hardships life has thrown their way. We believe this collectively, through our own experiences as disability providers; working every day with INCREDIBLE, INSPIRING individuals and finding VALUE and profound BEAUTY in some of the most unexpected places. 🤩


Sometimes all that’s needed is a slightly DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE and suddenly an entire world; one you thought you knew, transforms before your very eyes.


Jules was after a footy day, so that’s exactly what Jules got! 🏉🏉


As one of VPS’s longest standing participants, we just LOVE JULES TO BITS!! ❤️


P.S. Jules says ‘GO THE PIES!!’ ⚫️⚪️