Fri-YAY’s with Simon 15.01.21


Happy Friday VPS Friends! Simon here with an introduction to one of our legends that is Nathan Philipp. I took five with Nathan today and captured our chat below for your reading pleasure.

What is your role at Victoria People Solutions?

I am a Team Leader and Support Coordinator at Victoria People Solutions.

When did you first start your career in the disability sector?

I began my career in the disability sector in January 2020 with Victoria People Solutions.

Why did you decide to start working in the disability sector?

I have always wanted to work in an industry that would provide myself with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. With that mentality and my background in Psychology, working within the disability sector seemed perfect.

What would you say is the most challenging aspect of your job?

The Disability Industry can be very isolating at times. Initially, I was under the impression that my clients success was solely up to me. Once settled into the role, i realised that i didn’t need to solve problems alone. I learnt that leaning on others for supports was vital for success.

What would you say is the most fulfilling aspect of your job?

Knowing the impact I’m having on the lives of others and being able to provide a sense of purpose for those living with disabilities. This in turn provides me with my own sense of purpose and belonging.

What is the key to being a good support worker?

Respect, Empathy, Reliability and a sense of Community are qualities that are essential in excelling as a support worker.

Where do you see yourself in one and three years time?

1 Year: I see myself taking on more management responsibilities and not only establishing myself within Victoria People Solutions but within the disability sector.

3 Years: I see myself continuing to learn and grow. I want to become an expert in a specific field within the disability sector. I want to take on interesting projects and develop innovative solutions that will be prolific within the disability industry.

What advice would you give to somebody starting out in the disability sector?

1) Treat each client as you would like to be treated.

2) Listen, Learn and Love what you do.

3) Knowledge is power.

What other hobbies and interests do you have aside?

I enjoy going to the gym and listening to podcasts.

What is your life motto?

“Always work hard on something uncomfortably exciting”