Empowering Wednesdays with Ledion 13.01.2021


Good afternoon everyone! 


My name is Ledion and I will share with you every Wednesday some content regarding my areas of interest: Leadership, Motivation and Teams.


Let’s start with a question that has always been in my mind: Does the title make someone a leader or there is something more to it? 


Often, when we think about a leader, we tend to imagine someone who holds the manager title and has a supervision role in the organisation chart. In my view this is very limiting.  


Leadership goes hand to hand with influence, the ability to care about others and the world around you. Leaders exist in every level of the organisation, and it is not about the position but the ability to influence others, contribute, care, engage, encourage… and the others will follow. 


Influence does not necessarily come from the title held or the ability to approve the annual leave request, it derives from the capability to nurture a relationship by caring for others, caring about their goals and becoming the connecting bridge between who they are and whom they want to become. 


What are your thoughts?